Banner Saga 3 – The End of Banner Saga Trilogy


Banner Saga 3 will be released on July, 27, 2018


Banner Saga is a battle flag RPG game based on the Viking legend. From the beautiful picture quality of Hollywood animation to the dark truth of human cruelty, to the well-designed strategy gameplay, it has already reached the top level. It is well-known among the player groups.

The series also successfully launched the sequel Banner Saga 2, but the third game of the series, Banner Saga 3, encountered some difficulties at the beginning of this year. The game’s R&D team, Stoic founder John Watson, said sadly at the Nasscom GDC conference in India that for independent developers, success means you have the ability to make your next game.

The series is not bad in business and reviews, but in fact the income is limited, coupled with the poor performance of the sequel Banner Saga 2, the final series of original planned trilogy, Banner Saga 3 is in trouble. Banner Saga 3 sales may be only one-third of the second series, but it should be able to drive the growth of the entire series of games.

Fortunately, Banner Saga 3 got the positive response after the crowdfunding set by Kickstarter. The game only completed the target amount of 200,000 USD in a relatively short period of time, which was a reassurance for the development team. This shows that although the development of indie games has become more and more difficult, as long as the quality of the game is guaranteed, it is not a problem for players to be generous.

Recently, the long-awaited Banner Saga 3 released a promotional video showing the artistic style of the game and the hints of the plot. The hand-painted art style of the game has always been acclaimed, and it seems that Banner Saga 3 is even more outstanding in this respect. Banner Saga 3 will continue the strategy play and story of the first two, and will show more cinematic production ideas. As the end of the trilogy, Banner Saga 3 will reveal the ultimate secret of the whole series, and the motivation of the characters will be clearer.

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