Battlefield V – Customize Your Own Unique Weapon


NVIDIA RTX 20 series graphics cards introduced real-time ray tracing for the first time, and the effect that traditionally can only be seen in movies is conditionally introduced into the game. However, it is well known that ray tracing requires a large amount of computation and whether the graphics card can be stabilized. Operation has received much attention.

In the face of the players’ inquiries, EA DICE technical director Christian Holmquist and DICE media editor Jonas Gammelholm confirmed that their “Battlefield V” DEMO at the GamesCom conference, using the NVIDIA new card ray tracing technology, can be resolved in 1080p The rate is stable and runs out of the frame rate of 60fps.

“We saw some questions on the Internet. For example, there are comments that DEMO is running in slow motion. How can the game run in real time? What we have to say is that everything is great. The frame rate is 60fps, which is very stable. ”

Holmquist also pointed out: “As a game studio, always one step ahead is crucial, because we have been working hard to improve the quality of the game. With the new NVIDIA RTX platform, the battlefield can show unprecedented details, reflected from the surface of the car. The muzzle flame, the buildings that reflected in the water surface of the road collapsed. The battlefield will appear to be unprecedented.”

Battlefield 5 will provide players with a lot of customized content, including vehicles, decorations and weapons, especially weapons customization. Everyone wants to know what it means to be able to “devil” the weapon. Today, Reddit users exposed the weapon customization interface of Battlefield 5, showing how many parts a weapon can be assembled.

Swiss Kaili light machine gun, the game has 25 bombs, 100 shots, air-cooled cooling, support for semi-automatic and fully automatic shooting. Customs can be customized from the scope to the muzzle, magazine, and grip, and the properties of the weapon can be changed.

This work also has a weapon painting system. For example, there are paintings such as “Green Paint”, “Linland Pattern” and “City Tactics”, which allows players to set their own exclusive guns.

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