Boundless – Legendary Sandbox Multiplayer Game


Boundless” is the PS4 game sandbox game announced by game developer Wonderstruck at the Sony Paris Game Week media conference. This is an open world sandbox game similar to “Minecarft”. It is definitely the best in the same type of work.

If you ask the fundamental difference between “Boundless” and “Minecarft”, the answer to the producer James Austin is that the world of “Boundless” is basically the product of several worlds that are connected together. Passing players, you can enjoy different journeys in different worlds, and you can get a completely different game experience in different landscapes through various actions such as grabbing, swimming, landsliding and bouncing.

In addition, James Austin also introduced some interesting details. In “Boundless”, although the world is separate, we can also see the worlds of others through the sky: some are just stars hanging in the sky, and some can be displayed in the sky like a mirage, or maybe just a piece of wood. Imagine the strange feeling of civilization when you look up. Isn’t it great? Players can also use different things called “sacred totems” to mark different planets and then build a portal. With these things, we can achieve instant transmission between the stars.

In multiplayer mode, players will work together and will get competitions from other players. Even we can spread around the world, the whole world is still enormous to us. If we want to develop, we can engulf the territory and interests of other players. When the league is strong enough, players can build city-states. When the city is full of cattle, it may rule the entire planet and set its own city as the capital. Players who are interested in doing business can also open storesand sell gears, potions or even strange creatures. Enjoy this boundless world as much as you want!

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