Breathedge – Black Humor Simulation Game


Breathedge is a first-person black humor survival adventure game. The game content with strong irony will cause serious discomfort to serious players. But be relaxed, it is just a joke, and You will experience a different space survival simulation in this game.

Experience a simple astronaut life and try to survive in deep space. Explore, build, or poke anything with that abominable chicken.

Breathedge is an ironic space survival adventure game. Playing a simple guy, he brought his grandfather’s ashes to the funeral of the Milky Way, but found himself in a conspiracy.
Welcome to space.

A huge space hearse suffered a catastrophic destruction in the deep air. Looking back, the only remaining wreckage, coffin and dead passengers and yourself, you will uncover a global conspiracy and save the princess .
When you travel around the world, don’t break your finger by typing on the keyboard..

More open projects

It took a long time for our ancestors to develop technology into what it is today because they don’t have duct tape. But you have it now and you will decide how to use it. With this magical artifact, you can create a variety of items. You can also create a lot of useful projects, but be careful. This non-linear game is likely to complete your adventure because of your unintentional moves.

Repair and decoration

When the people around you are just squatting in a vacuum, doing nothing or having Die, you can rely on tools and gears that can help you become the worst neighbor ever. Create a unique space station that provides oxygen and electricity, installs a variety of equipment, and turns its broken spaceship into a real single apartment.
·Do what you want to do

You can create cars or even rockets, or a large aerospace flight. Vehicles can help you move quickly, avoid obstacles, and see your own death after a frontal collision.
Deep solidity in space can be a very interesting thing, and driving a whole game with a story makes it more interesting.

Breathedge offers you an interesting plot with lots of black jokes, cynical conversations, an anxious chicken, a crazy enemy and a wonderful game animation.

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