Buy Thief at Newegg, get free Domino’s (because, pizza)


Pizza is great. Everyone loves pizza, even thieves-for-hire. In fact, a well-known byproduct of being a kleptomaniac is an insatiable craving for carbohydrates. A Thief promotion at Newegg capitalizes on this by granting all who pick up a PC copy with a $10 coupon for Domino’s Pizza. Enter the promo code SENTFPO during checkpoint for an additional ten percent off.

Thankfully, Newegg has extended some sales love to Thief‘s other platforms too. Grabbing a copy of Thief on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 or Xbox 360 before March 3 nets a gift card good for $5.

Thief, which launched this week, is a game our review said is “best when it sticks to the involving, slow-paced stealth that made its ancestor such a tense affair.” Our review adds, “Thief succeeds when it’s quiet, fingers reaching out and almost – almost – touching an irresistible spread of glittering prizes.”


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