How Can Assassin’s Creed Recover As A Franchise?

How Can Assassin’s Creed Recover As A Franchise?


Assassin’s Creed was at one time the most beloved and popular game in the Ubisoft roster. Furthermore, it was frequently on the top of gaming charts in terms of both popularity, and sales. And yet, as the time, the games, and the story went on, something began to happen. Something very bad.

The worst thing that can happen to video game franchise is to either try and become too big, or get complacent, and think you can just do what you did before, and not have to improve anything. Or, you introduce something that you think will be great, but then it ruins what made the franchise what it was. This is what happened to Assassin’s Creed. Not just one thing, but all three.

On the surface, Assassin’s Creed is something special. It flips the script so that the assassins are the good guys and the Knights Templar (who have been both heroes and villains depending on where in the world you are) are the ones trying to control the world. The war between them have gone on for centuries, and you have to relive the lives of your ancestors to find clues on how to save the future.

Again, that’s great, and the gameplay at one time was very solid. And yet, as the games went on, the story got more and more convoluted and nonsensical. New gameplay additions weighed down the title to the point where people just weren’t having fun anymore. Assassin’s Creed Unity was a great example of this. As the co-op was nice in theory, but it weighed the game down a lot.

Then once Syndicate came around, fans had had enough. And now, it hasn’t had a major release since. Likely because Ubisoft realized they can’t keep alienating fans like they had been with yearly releases that progressively get worse.

Assassin's Creed

So, how can Assassin’s Creed recover? Easy, go back to basics. Refine the story so that it makes sense again. Show progression in the gameplay, while also adding elements that truly matter. This is an open world game, use that to its fullest like the original two games did. There’s a reason they’re held in high regards.

Go back to that sense of wonder and adventure that made fans want to play these games. Don’t think of it as a cash cow, because that cow will die, and no one will be happy. It’s very possible to save the franchise, they just have to go back to basics, and ensure that the game is about all else…fun…again.

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