Can Berserk And The Band Of The Hawk Get Sales?

Can Berserk And The Band Of The Hawk Get Sales?


Berserk. For some, it’s just a word that means to go absolutely crazy. To push aside reason and logic and just let instinct and primal fury take over. But, to manga fans, it’s much, much more. For Berserk, is the brutal and gory tale of one man going to the ends of the earth to get revenge on the man who decided to murder his friends, do terrible things to his girlfriend, and…you know…releasing demons onto the world. For Berserk, is the tale of Guts.

Berserk is easily of the most popular manga series ever, and it was so popular that it even got a anime, several movies, and a new anime in 2016. And yes, the series even had a video game a while back. But, with the resurgence of Berserk via the newest anime, a new video game called Berserk and the Band of the Hawk is coming. In fact, it’s coming next month.

It’s mean to be a brutal hack-n-slash title that’ll let you battle as Guts, Griffin, and other characters from the series. But, there’s depth too, there’s “Awakening” abilities, that you have to earn to get some pretty powerful boosts. And, you can collect materials to grow both your power, and your weapons.

Yet, despite the familiar gameplay (which has been likened to titles like Dark Souls and Dynasty Warriors), can Berserk really sell a video game? Now yes, it’s popular right now, and there are indeed some diehard fans who were there for the original anime, and still read the manga. But, is it enough?

More importantly, despite the obvious characters and references to Berserk, can the game just simply work? Early impressions didn’t wow fans, and the current anime is drawing mixed feelings as well because it’s sometimes clunky visual style. So if they’re not impressed with the show, and they don’t feel the game will leave up to their expectations, will they even try and buy it?

Guess we’ll have to see when  Berserk and the Band of the Hawk arrives next month.

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