CardLife: Cardboard Survival – A Game Helps Your Innovation


CardLife: Cardboard Survival, a simulated surviving RPG game produced by Freejam released on Steam on October 9. In this game, almost everything in the world is made of cardboard/corrugated paper, including the player himself. The connection mode may even have an “earthquake”. Can the carton house hold it?

In order to avoid the shortage of resources and the idle buildings in the online game, the official “earthquake” mechanism will reset the original pits and forests and regenerate resources. Buildings used too low frequency will collapse rapidly.

Just like building a house in the real world, players can choose a solid material when building a house, and make a fixed measure or foundation to extend the life of the building. Of course, the whole world is only made up of cardboard boxes. After all, there is a day of collapse. Perhaps this regular “cleaning up” setting is to inspire the players’ creativity and hope that the house will be better than the previous one.

The durability of building materials is ranked that the most vulnerable one is wood, and the strongest one is proton.

At present, the “Earthquake” mechanism is only open to the online version. Single players will not be affected, but the fun is not diminished. Players who like sandbox construction may wish to add the game to the wish list.

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