Civilization VI Proves That Games Should Release Complete

Civilization VI Proves That Games Should Release Complete


Video games are meant to be spectacles, no matter what genre, console, handheld, or computer system it’s on. They’re meant to be special, and deliver an experience that gamers will remember forever. And yet, in a very disturbing trend over the last few years, video games have been released incomplete. By that, I mean that they require “further updates” or even “Day One Patches” to be playable, or get the full experience. It’s insane. Thankfully, not all games are like that. One of the best is Civilization VI.

The game, (which is actually on sale right now on the site!) features what many have called the most in-depth and fully-featured game in the series, which is a praise that is not heaped on lightly. Civilization has always been a series that values different gameplay strategies and elements, all the while evolving what came before to make something new.

For Civilization VI, the game featured not only a new graphics engine (which is only the second title in the franchise to debut a new engine), but several new gameplay features which drastically change the complexion of the game. Not the least of which was the District system, which now makes you the cities you colonize much more in-depth, and customizable. Now, you HAVE to pay attention to the cities, instead of just leaving them alone except for in battles like you did in previous games most of the time once they had been set up and self-sustained.

Civilization VI

That feature could’ve EASILY been an update, of a “Day One Patch”, but it wasn’t, it was there from the beginning, along with every other feature you needed to get a full and complete game. And that’s what we want as gamers, right? We don’t want to mark down calendars for when the game is coming…and when the patch that has the content we want is releasing. We want the full game! And we want it on release!

The reason there’s only six main Civilization games? Is because Sid Meijer and the team at Firaxis want to make sure the game is as good as it can be right off the bat. Delays and setbacks be danged. They have a reputation for making games that are full of life and deep in content. Civilization VI is a testament to their skills and desire to make great games. I wish all video game developers took that to heart.

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