Dead cells – Addicted to 2D Hardcore Action Game


Dead cells is a little difficult 2D hardcore action game. The main body of the role is a group of cells, he can be reborn for unlimited times and grow up in adventures.
Growth in the game is divided into temporary growth and permanent growth.

Temporary growth refers to the equipment and attribute points collected in the level. These can make people become stronger, but after they die, they will all be clear.

Permanent growth means that you can unlock new variability or weapons by using the mutated cells + design that is dropped from the monster. After unlocking, the weapon will be added to the random pool of the level treasure chest. In other words, permanent growth determines the scope and upper limit of temporary growth. The more powerful the unlocked equipment weapon, the easier it will be to clear the map. Although there is a mechanism for the death penalty, the role will become stronger with permanent growth, so negative feedback will not make the player too frustrated. In order to unlock those powerful equipment, players also have the motivation to go ahead.

The influent feeling of controlling: As an action game, the feel is definitely the most important factor. Dead Cells is smooth and flexible. At any time during the attack, you can roll over and cancel the attack to avoid the skill. At the right time, the shield can lead to the vertigo and rebound. The attack action is fast and does not delay. At the same time, with a strong sense of hitting, it can be described as the flowing water. So that the player really feels the lightness and power. In addition, the game has a lot of details, such as the screen will be highlighted and shaken when the crit, the physical explosion effect when the monster is killed, etc., are done very carefully. The impact is full, the feel is smooth, and the experience is very refreshing.

Rich equipment system: The rich equipment system is a major feature of the game, which greatly increases the playability. The equipment in the game has its own characteristics, such as: the giant sword hurts invincible, but it is very cumbersome to swing; the assassin’s blade will cause crit when attacking the enemy behind; the ice bow will freeze the enemy; the trap will make the tread The enemy in it can’t move for 6.5 seconds; the electric whip will ignore the enemy’s shield and directly cause damage; the turret will automatically stand up and attack all the surrounding enemies after throwing it out.

Players can create different ways of playing according to the combination of different equipment. And the equipment that is brushed out in each level is random, so players can get a different game experience every time.

Of course, the difficulty of the level is not low. In the later stages, the monster damage is exponentially growing. When you get the best equipment, you will be sent home with a little mistake.

Constantly dying, and reincarnation is also a test of the player’s psychology. But because of the high degree of difficulty, the sense of accomplishment at the time of customs clearance is also very huge and shocking. This is also the charm of difficult games.

All in all, this is a 2D hardcore action game with smooth movement, excellent experience, rich gameplay and difficulty.

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