Defiance 2050 – Bringing Players A New Gaming Experience


The Defiance 2050 is a remake of the Defiance that landed on the PS3, PC and Xbox 360 platforms in 2013. The Defiance is a sci-fi theme multiplayer online third-person shooting game. And it is closely related to the famous TV series on the channel Syfy of NBC. The game is set on the ruined earth. There are 4 classes, “Assassin,” “Guardian,” “Battlefield Doctor,” and “Infantry.”

It is developed and produced by Trion World. The Defiance 2050 game will improve the screen and the game system. In addition to the open world as the stage, it will also support the cooperation of multiple players, so that players can work together with friends to face a huge enemy. And experience the most exciting online FPS battle fun.

Game background

Defiance 2050 is set in Arkfall 20 years. The disaster ended the war between humans and the alien Votans. Votans came here to aim Colonial Ball. Trion said that the “Defiance 2050” has rebuilt the game from the ground up. “We will improve the game’s texture, resolution and the game system. The game will support larger-scale operations.”

Related information

The “Defiance 2050” is the MMOTPS made by both Trion World who is the popular MMORPG “Rift” developer, and the Human Head Studios that had previously developed “Prey “. It was also the official sequel of the Defiance in 2013.

Trion World announced that they will launch a new online shooting action “Defiance 2050” on the PS4 / Xbox One / PC platform in the summer of 2018. As for the charge model, it will be game free and DLC charged.

The official said that the “Defiance 2050” will be upgraded on the original image, and completely refurbished the game system, designed to bring players a new gaming experience.

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