Destiny 2 Forsaken – Create Innovative Gaming Experiences Always


Destiny 2 Forsaken as the destiny 2 DLC will be released on September 4th. Forsaken will open two new adventure destinations, a series of new weapons, armor and super ability. They will lead players to embark on an epic journey, and explore The ridiculous border of the solar system. Here, justice and revenge are no longer distinct, and players will swim between the two.

Forsaken will also launch a new competitive competition called “Gambit”. Gambit is a new hybrid 4v4 model that integrates the PvE and PvP experiences into a spectacular battlefield battle. It is the first attempt of the Destiny series. This new way of playing will allow all types of players to experience the fun of Destiny 2. This model seamlessly injects PvE’s collaborative elements and unpredictable elements into the game experience while attracting players who are good at and who like PvP’s competitive challenges.

“Since the Destiny collection, we have been trying to create innovative gaming experiences that challenge and satisfy different types of players, ensuring that they can get a refreshing gaming experience from their beloved entertainment.” Bungie Project Leader Scott Taylor said. “We can’t wait to share Forsaken’s new “Gambit” model with our fans. This new gameplay will provide them with a dual gaming experience of competition and collaboration,” added by Scott Taylor.

More introduction:

The remnants of the reefs will become aggressive and lawless after years of fighting. You and Capita 6 were sent to personally investigate the recent unrest. Shortly after arriving, you discovered that the important wanted criminals in the Elder Prison organized a jailbreak. You have to go deep into the reef to hunt down these fugitives. Explore new areas, awaken new abilities, acquire powerful weapons, and unlock the secrets of the long-awaited awakened. The hunt has begun.

· Hunting 8 barons and their men
· Two new destinations: the disputed coast and the city of dreams
·New raid
· Introducing the ingenuity of 4v4 multiplayer competition combined with PvE mode
· Use nine super-powers with new capabilities
· Collect new exotic weapons, armor and equipment
·New weapon prototype, legendary bow and arrow
· New story missions, adventures, destination events and more

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