Devil May Cry 5 – Coming on March


At the pre-show conference of Microsoft E3 2018, Capcom officially announced “Devil May Cry 5“, and then announced the first details and game screen of the game. First, let’s take a look at what’s in this new chapter of the Devil May Cry series:

“The legendary action game series “Devil May Cry 5” will land on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms in the spring of 2019, and its iconic fast-paced action and series of original characters will return. This is the supervision of Izuno Hideaki and the core team. Gather, once again create the best experience, cutting-edge technology and the most powerful action games of this generation.”

“The infernal army’s invasion of the world has ended for many years, and now the new demon invasion is about to begin. The last hope of mankind is pinned on three lonely demon hunters, each with a completely different game style. The revenge of hunger and the call of destiny, these three demon hunters come together to face the devil and pursue the hope of survival.”


A few years after the Devil’s Church incident… The local city of Red Grave has undergone a sudden change. Huge trees run through the city centre, and blood-sucking roots begin to attack people.

Nero, the young man who repels the devil’s life, travels to the van with the mobile omnipotent firm “Devil May Cry”. Sitting beside him, he is a self-proclaimed “weaponman” who supplies him with armed supplies – Nico

The trampled self-esteem, the power that was taken away, the man who had abandoned it… “Nero” Nero has something to retrieve.

While snoring the constantly erupting demons, they rush into the center of the vortex where the change occurred. Love sword Red Queen roars and screams, even with the gun Blue Rose flares.

The right hand is shining – the pros and cons of the devil. “Great, I can go crazy.”



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