Distance – A Racing Game You Can’t Stop to Play


Distance is not so much a racing game as a parkour game…
You need not only to open the throttle but to jump left and right, roll, fly.

Highlight 1: BGM, electric bgm can’t be more great.

Highlight 2: The player edits the map himself. This game is open to the creative workshop. It is an infinite possibility for this game. The map editor contains a lot of super-excellent elements. Now there are nearly 500 maps in the creative workshop. Almost all are very fun, some self-abuse, some cool, too many to play all.

Highlight 3: Contains several large action elements, normal forward, backward, and jump (the sound is very good when jumping). In the air it can be flipped back and forth, acceleration (always acceleration to a certain stage will lead to self-explosion). During air flight, in the game, you need to combine these actions to deal with various terrains.

This game doesn’t matter if you don’t need multiple people to connect. It’s different from other racing games. It’s not who comes first, but how much time you get to the finish line. Every picture in the game has a total player ranking.

There are other modes, challenge mode, trick mode and so on.

In general, this game has unlimited possibilities (God knows what kind of map the map maker will make), and the map editor should be very powerful. The highest score is one of the maps – “Mario Racing”, it feels very reduction…

It is really a good game, what are you waiting for? Buy and buy!

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