Why Doom Is the Epitome Of Mindless Fun

Why Doom Is the Epitome Of Mindless Fun


What is a video game? At its core, what is it? Is it simply a collection of pixels or sprites that are organized in such a way that you have to take notice and be in awe of it? Is it a story? One that moves you, or propels you to do a specific task, even if you don’t exactly know what it is yet? Or, at its core, are video games just fun? Many think it is that, and there’s different ways to have fun. It can be through puzzles, it can be through completing levels. Or it can be like Doom and just be about killing demons of the underworld in as many possible and creative ways as you can think of.

Video games often get a bad rap at times in regards to how violent they can be. But it’s clear that some games just don’t care, and want to show just how mindlessly fun they can be when they shut the filers off in your brain. Doom is the perfect example of that.

Story? What story!? It’s about you, the main character, who doesn’t even have a name! You’re referred to in the fanbase as Doomguy! Don’t believe me? Neither Death Battle nor the Mythbusters could name him when they time came for the game to appear in their shows. Because who needs a name when you have guns that can kill demons!?!!?

Seriously, Doomguy doesn’t need a backstory, even though he has a thin one because he’s a marine that gets put on Mars, and then discovers the gateway to the underworld. Once you start shooting? Nothing else matters. And the fact the guns keep getting bigger, and more insane, just proves that pure, mindless fun is the name of the game in Doom.

Don’t believe that? I got three letters for you. BFG. Look it up! It’s clear though that both the series, and the most recent title of Doom is beloved, because it was nominated for numerous awards last year, and even won some Game Of The Years titles. Not bad at all.

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