DOOM – Update 2 brings two new multiplayer modes


With its old school shooter DOOM, id Software exceeded the expectations of many fans – at least, when it comes to the single-player campaign. The multiplayer mode on the other hand couldn’t satisfy every critic.

Thanks to a new update, this could change very soon: Next to a large number of fixes and improvements for DOOM’s campaign and SnapMap feature, Update 2 also adds two completely new game modes. In Exodus, the classic Capture the Flag gets a new twist: Constantly moving flags and bases ensure that there will be no time to catch your breath. In Sector, you and your team will capture and defend certain areas of the map.

To celebrate the new update as well as the upcoming release of the first premium DLC “Unto the Evil” (August 4), players will earn double XP from July 29 – 31.

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