Drunken Robot Pornography makes it rain metal on Steam today


Dejobaan Games’ bullet-hell first-person shooter Drunken Robot Pornography has officially launched on Steam. As promised, the game is available at a reduced $12 until next week, February 28, at which point it’ll revert to its full $15 price.

Drunken Robot Pornography is a jetpack-fueled shooter where players take on massive, 30 foot-tall robots hell-bent on destroying the city of Boston. Drunken Robot Pornography is also a phrase you probably shouldn’t Google at work. Like, ever.

Indie developer Dejobaan Games calls Massachusetts home and has produced a slew of oddly-named games such as AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!, a game about base jumping off buildings in Boston, and Drop that Beat like an Ugly Baby, a game that turns your MP3 files into explorable cityscapes. Aside from Drunken Robot Pornography, the studio is currently collaborating with Girls Like Robots developer Ziba Scott on Elegy for a Dead World – a game where players must explore the ruins of alien civilizations and share their histories with others through Steam Workshop.


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