Dying Light: Bad Blood – Seamless Integration of PVP and PVE


Game background

Explore Dying Light: Bad Blood, a fast-paced multiplayer online game. This game is a new fusion of PvP and PvE battles, and retains Dying Light’s iconic gameplay.

Into a zombie-stricken area, in order to become the last survivor, 12 players competed. Collect weapons, destroy zombie lairs to upgrade, and use your parkour and combat skills to defeat your opponent. Only one person who entered can be alive.

Game features

• Seamless integration of PVP and PVE

Kill the infected person and destroy their nest to collect blood samples and upgrade. Hunt other players, steal their blood samples, and become the only survivor.

• A variety of parkour moves

When you are escaping, chasing other players or flying towards a helicopter, your parkour skills will give you the upper hand.

• Savage close combat

Immerse yourself in the first-person bloody battle of Dying Light. Now fighting is more about strategy and has added a lot of new weapons.

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