Are The Expansions For The Division Better Than The Main Game?

Are The Expansions For The Division Better Than The Main Game?


When a game is released, it used to mean that the game was done, completely, and emphatically. What was there, was what you were able to play. Even in regards to multiplayer, everything was in the game at launch. But, once consoles were able to connect to the internet, the option of adding more content post-launch became appealing, and soon, it became a way of life. But is that a good thing? Especially when the DLC is better than the main game? Say for like, The Division?

Why are we singling out The Division? Especially since it’s one of the bestsellers of 2016 on GamesDeal? Well, context is everything.

For one thing, when The Division arrived, it was filled with bugs. Like, numerous, numerous, bugs. But also, while the gameplay at times was fun, it seemed to get very repetitive after a while. Add that to the bug problem, and it lost a lot of gamers. True, a lot stick around, and still play the game, but there are limits.

But then…the DLC started coming out, and it totally changed the game in many ways. Underground took the fight to the literal underground beneath New York, and offered a more claustrophobic experience. Then, there was Survival, which to many was the best of all the content updates. For here, it not only added the Survival Mode setting, which could be tuned to PVP or PVE settings, but also, it gave the game a whole new texture.

In this version of Survival, Manhattan was besieged by a massive blizzard, supplies had run out, and now every agent had to fight for survival by trying to get supplies in a city that was cut off, and full of people wanting to live. Just this alone was more exciting than the main mission of the game.

Now, we got the Last Stand expansion, which is set to make the Dark Zone a much more fun place to be, while also giving us the Last Stand Game Mode.

Now yes, it’s clear that since The Division took a very long time to make, it was going to have problems from the start, and it did, and that’s ok. But you have to wonder…what if…they waited one more year? Waited to do all these expansions and just put them in the main game? Waited and did all they could to fix the bugs. Would this new “main game” be better than what we got when it launched? Guess that’s up for you to decide.

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