Amazing Experience of FIFA 19 Demo in E3

Amazing Experience of FIFA 19 Demo in E3


9th June in Los Angeles, EA published latest news of FIFA 19. The game will be released in 28th September. Cristiano Ronaldo will be the cover star again. Compared with former series, its remarkable substances are newly added UEFA Europa League. It is one of the best choices if you a big fan of soccer games.

In this World Cup year, EA pays attention to UEFA Europa League for the world cup lasts for a summer but UEFA is live for one year. UEFA Champions League Anthem will be as the background music, which is the same as it in the trailer at E3. There are 9 football teams which are outstanding in the UEFA this year to choose.

Stronger Game Engine

The most significant progress is that the judgement to hospital pass become more complicated and real. In the past games, any player who plays over 100 times is able to forecast which side will get the ball. However, in FIFA 19, more factors affect the results. Uncertain results make it more interesting and more like a real competition.

The FIFA 19 focus on dribbling. Players will obviously feel that dribbling is more smooth. When you play the role of a player who is strong in dribbling, you must be shocked with the touch feeling. What you think is what you get. You can perform a soccer show with dribbling skill to get a great successful feeling.

Besides operation experience, the action of players is more real as well. The engine helps simulate a real acting situation and physical collision results. And you will find no bug brought from the engine.There is a detail that will attract fans. That is Tifo will be demonstrated before game start.

The World Cup will begin, enjoy it and meanwhile pre order FIFA 19 to experience the excited moment of soccer players.

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