Fifa 20 – street football mode


As EA’s annual sports feast, FIFA’s latest work, FIFA 20, was officially unveiled at EA Play before the E3 show. This will add a more realistic AI system, including realistic shooting, passing, and The volley shooting and other actions, as well as the newly introduced “street football” mode, make football more approachable and diversified.


The biggest innovation of FIFA 20 is to introduce the independent “street football” mode into the game, and it can be greatly enhanced. You can customize the gender of the character, play the game with men and women, and customize the appearance of the character, such as looks, tattoos, sex. Orientation, etc., is very diverse. Football is not for a specific group of people, but belongs to anyone, and street football can do this, just like street basketball.

In addition, the “FIFA 20” enhanced AI system allows the 1V1 battle mode introduced by this game to be one-on-one against the goalkeeper, and the goalkeeper also has a dedicated defense mechanism.

Finally, FIFA 20 still has a good campaign mode, the ultimate team mode, and a large number of players, teams, and stadiums.
On June 9th, Beijing time, FIFA, a well-known football game series produced and released by EA Sports, officially announced the details of the latest work FIFA 20. The game will include a new model of “VOLTA Football” with the theme of street football.

“VOLTA” means “return” in Portuguese. This is also the “FIFA” series, which has once again welcomed the lively streetball world after selling four street football games. Players can operate professional teams in the streetball mode, such as having the Madrid duo perform the Madrid Derby on the streets of Madrid.

Players can also create their own characters, fighting in the roofs of Tokyo, the bottom of Amsterdam or the cages of London, and eclecticly launching streetball confrontation with fancy saga. There is also a standard five-a-side football for players to experience.

The streetball mode includes a “VOLTA Story” mode, and the player’s own players will continue to move toward the peak of the streetball world through a series of challenges, and finally land on the “VOLTA World Championship” stage in Buenos Aires. It is expected that there will be no authorized real grassroots football matches in this model. For example, from the official screenshots, you can see the logo of the Adidas TANGO Football League.

Adidas TANGO League elements appear

The settable factors of the self-made players are very diverse, including clothing, color matching, shoes and even gender. This also makes FIFA 20 the first work in the series to have elements of confrontation between male and female players. The FIFA 16 first joined the women’s national team, but the women’s football event was carried out independently and could not compete with the men’s soccer team.

The FIFA series used to publish four streetball works in the name of FIFA Streetball. The most recent work was released in 2012. In recent years, the streetball elements have been reintroduced into the “FIFA” series. Players can play a role in the story of FIFA 18 and FIFA 19 in the community of Rio de Janeiro, the beaches of Los Angeles and even the villas of Neymar.

FIFA 20” is scheduled to be officially launched on September 24. The official did not officially announce the cover spokesperson, and Neymar, who was originally regarded as the new generation’s number one spokesperson, was abandoned by EA Sports for the incident of sexual assault.

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