Is There A Future For Deus Ex Or Is It Done?

Is There A Future For Deus Ex Or Is It Done?


Deus Ex is one of those games that’ll be forever remembered as a game that helped set a genre up for future titles. It’s still considered to this day to be one of, if not the, greatest PC game of all time. Why? Because it gave people options, it gave them choices, and mixed action, role-playing, and stealth into one game and said, “Pick your path.”

If you wanted to do action against one boss, but stealth against another? You could do it! Wanted to use your tech to overpower your foes? Do it! The choice was there, and gamers loved it. Yet, with its sequel, it didn’t match what the original did. Then, came Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which brought the franchise into the modern age of graphics and potential, and really went back to its roots. Then, recently, we got Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

This game was very hyped because of the success of Human Revolution. When it arrived, reviews were favorable, and sales were decent, but, they didn’t surpass Human Revolution’s. And though many reviews were favorable, not all fans were as quick with the praises. This persisted to such a degree that developer Eidos stated that the franchise is on hiatus.

What does that mean? Well, it means that while its not impossible for it to come back, it’s already got a huge hole to crawl out of. Which isn’t good for fans who did like the game, because as we all know, it had an ending that seemed to tease another title in the franchise.

Deus Ex Mankind Divded

So, what is next for Deus Ex?  Does it have a future? Well, let’s recall that Human Revolution came after a failure in Invisible War. And so maybe, just maybe, if we give them a little time, they’ll think of something for Deus Ex that’ll put it back on top like it was with the original and Human Revolution. Time can help franchises, and with new advancements and new people can come new ideas and concepts.

To the answer the question, Deus Ex does have a future. It just might not appear for a little while.

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