How Long Can World Of Warcraft Truly Last?

How Long Can World Of Warcraft Truly Last?


MMOs and MMORPG’s are meant to last, and last, and last. Their vast worlds, characters, and game modes are so deep that players could get lost in them for a long time. But, even all that has a limit, right? Right. Just look at World of Warcraft, a MMORPG that has been around for many years, yet, as time goes on, it kind of shows its age.

How so? Well, while early expansions gave the game new life, and new limits for players to push, as time, and expansions, went on, it wasn’t so clear what they gave. Just look at Warlords of Draenor, which when released was so buggy, it was basically unplayable, and the new content was anything but fun. Now true, with Legion, the game got changed for the better, but again, how long will that last?

And it’s not just the main content that’s the issue here, it’s the question of, how long will players continue to play as they wait for new stuff? This is a key question, because new stuff doesn’t come all the time. It comes in updates, patches, and expansions, but what happens when someone wants to play World of Warcraft in the meantime? Well, there’s PVP, and some other PVE content to play, but even those have issues.

World of Warcraft

For example, PVP play in World of Warcraft right now? It’s at an all-time low in participation. Mainly because to the players, the PVP isn’t that fun to play. There’s no real point in doing it, because to them, it’s very broken, and very little reward for doing it. As for PVE, once you do it once, why do you need to do it again?

I know it sounds like we’re harping on World of Warcraft, and we’re not saying Blizzard needs to shut it down, far from it. But we’re asking whether they can maintain the quality that fans want, and need, to continue playing. Do recall, not so long ago, World of Warcraft experienced a MASSIVE drop in its player base. They grew it back with great difficulty, and honestly can’t risk that happening again.

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