Monster Hunter World – Friendly to New Players


The most significant evolution of Monster Hunter World compared to the previous ones is the performance of the story. The story begins with the migration of the ancient dragon ” Zora Magdalaos “. As a member of the fifth investigation team, the player came to the New World to unravel the secret of the migration of the ancient dragon. As the story going on, players learn how to climbing, and moving by guiding. It is friendly to players who play the game first time.

Western Design Concept

The biggest change of Monster Hunter: World in the design thinking compared to the previous “Monster Hunter” series is the “Westernization”.

The first is the introduction of the main storyline. In the game, we can see that as the game story progresses, the gameplay is gradually unlocked. This design is undoubtedly providing the player with learning and buffering time, instead of dumping it to the player as in the past.

The second is the addition of two new elements, “Guide” and “Transmitter”, along with the existence of map height differences. The map of Monster Hunter: World is greatly updated compared with the previous one. The map has the difference of “up-middle-down”. On the one hand, it increases the fun of exploration. On the other hand, it also increases the difficulty of finding large monsters. The “guide insects” and “transmitters” are elements added to match the new map design. The former provides guidance for players to find the current mission monsters. In addition, the guide insects can also guide the materials on the map. The Transmitter makes the map’s height difference more obvious, and also provides new fighting fun for the players in the previous game.

The third is the enhancement of the ecosystem, corresponding to the “world” in the title of the game. “Law of the jungle ” has always been a feature of the “Monster Hunter” series, and this work has greatly enhanced this ecosystem. With an excellent graphic, it presents an extremely true “world” for players.

In this cycle of equipment upgrades and personal skills improvement game world, the “Monster Hunter” series has probably been the highest evaluation of it – “funny” and “interesting”. I think that for an action game, these two words are enough.

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