Is The Overwatch Community Fun or Toxic?

Is The Overwatch Community Fun or Toxic?


This question can to mind as I was riding with someone the other day. She told me that she loved playing video games, especially online titles, but that while she does have fun, she has to be careful to avoid the communities that often bring down the fun of the games. Overwatch was brought up as one of those games that had a very toxic community. But is that true?

Well, as in all things, it’s a complicated issue. On one hand, there’s no denying the passion of the Overwatch community. After all, they brought a game from the realm of hype, to an instant best seller. Overwatch always has games going, continues to sell, and it’s been given numerous awards, including Game of the Year. I would say that the community is a big part of all of that.

However, if you look on the forums of various sites, including, you’ll find post, after post, after post, of players complaining about one thing or another in Overwatch. Whether it’s about a character that’s way to overpowered, or how their personal or favorite champion is too underpowered, these posts fill up the internet. That’s not even talking about the threads that are focused on what Blizzard is doing wrong, rather than praising them for doing something right.


Then there’s just the online play, if you enable voice chat, you never know what your teammates or opponents will say to you. As the person I was riding with noted, “you’re safe behind your screen, so you can say whatever you want.” And that’s true, I’ve had online matches in games where they’re calling me names even though they don’t know me. Overwatch is guilty of that in spades in regards to the community.

Finally, there’s plenty of cheaters out there, and while it’s true that all video games can be cheated, when it comes to Overwatch, it seems to bring even more toxic vibes from the community. Now yes, not all the community is toxic, some are honestly really great people. But it seems like they’re being drowned out by those who can’t help but spread hate. And that’s…sad.

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