Overwatch Legendary Edition – including 15 unique skins


Overwatch Legendary Edition is on sale

Overwatch is the first first-person shooter developed by BLIZZARD Blizzard. It was launched globally on May 24, 2016 and made Netease as agent in mainland China. The game can be played in a variety of modes between the two fighting sides, covering all kinds of gameplay in the past FPS games. Unlike traditional FPS games, the heroes of “Watching Pioneer” are bound to weapons, and there are no AK47 and other common firearms. The roles are divided into assault type, defensive type, reload type and support type.

In the game, whenever the level is upgraded, you will get 1 supply box, including hero skin, character voice, funny paint, hero avatar, hero expression action… but it is also means that the later the level becomes slower. The speed will also slow down. If you think it is too slow, you can pay for it. The average game is about 10 minutes per game. Instant and play, fast match, suitable for team battles with friends.

Blizzard store’s Overwatch: Legend Edition is officially on sale, including 5 epic skins and 5 legendary skin and hero skin, and presented to the player Heroes of the Storm Tracer Hero, World of Warcraft Baby Winston Pet, Diablo III Mercy’s Wings, StarCraft II In-game Portraits and a Hearthstone Card Back.

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