Police Simulator 18 – Experience the life of an police officer


There must be a lot of players who are full of reverence for the police uncle when they were young. They also wanted to be a policeman. Nowadays, some people may have realized this idea, but many people have already entered other industries. But this “Police Simulator 18” can make everyone play the role of a policeman. Players will work in this free and open world, and will do things like arresting criminals, investigating crime scenes or tracking traffic accidents. Let everyone really feel the hard work of the police! So interested players have to miss it!

Experience the daily life of the American police in the police simulator 18.

Discover a huge, vibrant American Liberty City in this game created by the Unreal 4 engine.

Arrest criminals, investigate crime scenes, or hunt down bank robbers.

Record traffic accidents, search for stolen vehicles and conduct highly stimulating road chasing.

Solve alone or with friends in a two-person mode of cooperation and quickly resolve an emergency! Prevent crimes from happening.

Your exciting work will take you through 3 different regions. Wall Street, industrial areas and residential areas!

Set up roadblocks to check if citizens and cars are law-abiding. Chasing fugitives, chasing them with their legs or driving.

Use real law enforcement methods like anesthesia guns, electric shock sticks and handcuffs to maintain the security of the city.

· Play and experience the exciting daily work of the US police.

· The double-screen cooperation mode is carried out.

· Realistically reproduce American police cars and functional cockpits.

· Real tool simulation, handcuffs, radio, electric batons, etc.

· Powerful graphics effects made by the Unreal 4 engine.


Police Simulator 18 ” is a type of game developed and distributed by RondoMedia. In the game, players will play a police chase robbers, deal with riots, and of course, some daily chores. This game will help you understand the work of a real policeman and experience the whole process of catching criminals.

In the game, players will deploy their own police in a highly detailed and realistic city map, ready to respond to any events that may occur in the city. On the city streets, players will encounter various situations day and night. These action scenes are very real and familiar – from vigilant vehicle chasing to mass riots.

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