Rainbow Six Siege: Velvet Shell’s New Operators

Rainbow Six Siege: Velvet Shell’s New Operators


We’ve already seen the new map that’s coming in Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Velvet Shell expansion, but we didn’t have much info on the new Operators that were coming. But now we do, and we get to see both Mira and Jackal in action as they show off their unique skills on the new Coastline map.

Mira is the Operator of your choice if you really like fortifying and defense, while Jackal, on the other hand, in an expert attacker with the ability to hunt down players with little effort.

First, let’s talk about Mira. She’s the newest defensive Operator that’s really useful when you need to spot your enemies without getting seen yourself. Her specialty is her ability to create a Black Mirror, an almost indestructible window that can be put into barricades or destructible walls, and only Mira and her allies can see through it, while her enemies can’t. They can see the mirror, but they can’t see if anyone’s behind it, which makes it an awesome tool for defenders to use and make sneak attacks, as they can smash a small gas canister in the frame that ejects the glass, meaning you can open fire on any unsuspecting enemies. Mira can carry around an ITA12L shotgun or the Vector .45 ACP submachine gun.

Our newest attacking Operator is Jackal, whose special ability is to activate special eyewear that allows him to see his enemies’ footprints, making him the perfect hunter. The footprints that were made recently look “hotter”, meaning you can see if your enemy already left the place or if they’re nearby. Scanning the footprints reveals the owner to Jackal’s entire team. The scanned enemy then gets marked with an icon a few times over the course of the next minute of the match, which gives you and your team plenty of time to hunt him down. You can only scan three times per match, and the scanning process requires you to stand still and look at the floor which makes you vulnerable, but Jackal’s Eyenox Model III will eliminate any threat that crosses your sights.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Velvet Shell DLC is bringing these new operators tomorrow on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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