Shadows: Awakening – Combination of Reality and Shadow


Shadow and reality are closely intertwined

At the beginning of the Shadows: Awakening, the whole atmosphere gives people a sense of visuality that is like a deep sea. It is thought that the tone of the whole game world is the same, until the first soul is absorbed, it is found that the body is always in the real world. The demonic and human combination settings allow players to seamlessly switch between the shadow world and the real world. Whether in a seemingly calm town or a sinister dungeon, players can get two very different experiences.

The gameplay of the Shadows: Awakening is also related to the switching between the two worlds. Gullys and walls that seem like barriers in reality may have another way out in the shadow world, and roads that cannot pass under the shadow may have other methods in reality. Many gears also need to be solved through the cooperation of the two worlds, which is very interesting. The enemies in the shadow world are also different from reality. When we swim between the two worlds, it also means facing different enemies.

When the shadow is in the real world, the time is stopped, and the player can even see the soul of the enemy and the citizen in reality. Switching the world in battle gives the player a lot of room to manipulate. If you are accidentally surrounded by an enemy or are about to be hit by a skill, you can quickly switch the world to avoid the crisis. Each scene in the game can bring players double experience, the combination of reality and shadow has spawned a lot of gameplay.

Rich interaction and dubbing

There are four classes in the Shadows: Awakening, and it seems that there are a total of fifteen characters that can be controlled. However, there are only four characters that can be operated in this test. One soldier, one archer, one tank and one caster can just form a small team. Each character has its own story, and the story line of the game is also closely related to the character’s life. And there will be dialogue between the characters. The devil will be serious about why the Miss caster is not afraid of him, which is not normal. Miss caster said that the royal family is not afraid of the undead and still does not forget the spit demon. The interaction between the characters is very easy and interesting.

The interaction between the player and the NPC is not just a task and a blunt text. For example, when buying a product, the hawker will be very charming, and the player will have different blessings after leaving. When you deliver a task, you don’t have to take money. We can choose to pay more money or make more friends. It makes people feel more interactive with virtual characters. And these conversations are all dubbed. In addition to the main characters in the game, all the dialogues are also dubbed. Different types of NPCs can even hear their characters from the intonation, which is also noticeable in the dubbing. It makes the entire game world less monotonous and more substituting.

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