Why South Park: Fractured But Whole Is So Anticapted

Why South Park: Fractured But Whole Is So Anticapted


There are franchises out there in media that you look at and go, “How in the heck is that allowed to exist?” It can be a TV show, a movie, a band, anything really, it just makes you shake your head when you see it. One of those things is definitely South Park. The series has lasted 20+ years, and has made a huge impact on our culture…whether we like it or not. A while back, it came out with a video game that was made by the South Park team to be the coolest thing ever: South Park: The Stick of Truth. It was cool, very cool, and now it’s getting a sequel in South Park: Fractured But Whole.

But, as you think about it, you have to wonder, why this game is so anticipated? Make no mistake, it IS highly anticipated, but why? It’s simple, because Stick of Truth was so well made, we can’t wait to see what they do next. It’s blend of perfect JRPG gameplay, along with the world of South Park, mixed with a story that is both true to show, yet high in fantasy, made a perfect balance for people to play and enjoy.

Also though, the game is detailed to an insane degree. Fun fact, before Stick of Truth, the world of South Park was never mapped out. There was no need. But in a game setting, you NEED a map, so you can know how far what house is from another place. So the team mapped out and detailed every house, building, school, and anything else they could think of. Players literally spent hours just wandering around the world of South Park and exploring people’s houses just to see what they could find in terms of references to the show.

Finally, South Park: Fractured But Whole is going to pun the superhero movie/TV boom that’s been going on for the last decade or so.  That premise in and of itself is no doubt going to bring fans to the table, as well as give players of the original game something new to do, thus not likely suffering from sequelitis.

Regardless, when a game is made well, it shows, and people react to that. Stick of truth was well made, and South Park: Fractured But Whole is likely going to be that too.

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