Spintires MudRunner – Drive the Wildest Car on the Worst Road


In Russia, which has the world’s richest forest resources, in the uninhabited Siberian woodlands, and the worst forest roads, every day Russian truck drivers travel around here to transport timber. Spintires MudRunner simulates this real-life work, allowing players to drive a variety of trucks to transport wood in Siberia. And its most intriguing part is not how cool you are, but the real cruel off-road experience.

The entire game is played in the forest, gloomy weather, uninhabited forests, and muddy roads. Each of which forms an open map. Driving to the logging camp, loading the wood, then driving, transporting the timber to the unloading site in one go. The gameplay sounds simple, but the process can abuse everyone. Everything is because the simulation level of the game is too high. You can’t imagine driving in the game so hard. When you are galloping on the road, any mud can become a “trap” and the game will be deadlocked.

However, the high realism of the game is also the reason why it is popular. Start the truck, turn off the fire, open the handbrake, or even turn off the four-wheel drive, you can hear the real sound associated with it. In terms of picture effect, the interaction between the vehicle and the surrounding environment is the most amazing. With the “Vertex” system, you can see the real tire prints on the muddy road and the ever-changing dirt stuck on the tires. In addition, the exterior of the vehicle and the details of the forest are also very strong, and the heart of the production team can be seen everywhere. In the driving experience, the production team’s requirements for driving details are almost to the extent of obsessive-compulsive disorder. The environment in the game makes realistic feedback on the player’s behavior, and the physical effects are excellent, including differential lock, all-wheel drive, hand brake,winch, and vehicle props. that are common in reality are not common in many games, and they are a vital prop in Rotating Tires: Loach Mercedes, which brings the game closer to the real off-road experience. It can be said that although it is not a VR game, it can bring great immersion.

19 all-terrain vehicles with different performances, from Jeep to Kamaz trucks and even missile tractors, these Russian steel behemoths can be played in your hands. Although their appearance is not beautiful, adhering to the characteristics of Russian goods “stupid big black and thick”, but the body is full of wild atmosphere. Let people excited in the driving process, this is another kind of romance.

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