State of Mind – Existentialism and Transhumanism


If a game(State of Mind) tries to instill in you the deep knowledge of existentialism and transhumanism, do you feel confused?
This may involve the media role of the game. Does it necessarily point to entertainment? That’s not necessarily true. Different developers think differently about game media, and they are related to their own cognition and value orientation. Therefore, this problem does not have to be too tangled. As a player, we can naturally grasp some things subtly, which is not uncommon in the effectiveness of communication.
Daedalic Entertainment’s new work State of Mind seems to have a mysterious theme, but in fact, it does not explore the point, but it is to explore the theme by different angles or more shallow directions. For example, the value of life, the split and the unified binary proposition.


STATE OF MIND literal translation means the state of mind and state of mind, implying the game’s expression of thinking.
What sets it up is that the game is immersed in the philosophical thinking of transhumanism through the memory stored in the physical medium as a measure of the value of life.
In the near future of Berlin in 2048, human body and consciousness, from virtual to reality, are controlled by corporatocracy.
At first glance, STATE OF MIND introduces some very strange and wonderful concepts that are crucial for players to understand the game.
For example, transhumanism means transcending the limits of humanity itself. Therefore, its main appeal is to improve the human condition, especially the development and manufacture of a wide range of widely available technologies to eliminate negative problems such as disability, disease, pain, aging and death that are not conducive to human survival and development. At the same time, the harm of technology to human development is also included in the research direction.
Another example is corporatocracy, a new term coined by the supporters of the Global Justice Movement to describe the government that has succumbed to organizational pressure. We can regard it as a huge monopoly that is superior to the traditional system and has a transcendental position. It has an absolute dominant position from economy to politics.
There is a subordination between these two concepts, that is, corporatocracy as a powerful entity, the impact on human survival, that is, the former’s specific practice of “superhumanism.”
From this point of view, this high-level background can be decomposed into: when the government succumbs to the oligarchy corporatocracy, it is no longer the guarantor of the traditional cognitive order maintainers and the well-being of the people, but instead leads the human and by the technical strength of corporatocracy. Society is moving in a new direction.
However, its influence also acts on both positive and negative aspects. When the individual values and meanings of life of citizens are encapsulated in physical media, is this good or bad? Is it an improvement in overall interests or a liberalization of the people? In addition to improving the basic qualities of human beings, superhumanism also expressed its focus on the harm caused by new technologies.

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