The Colonists – Build a Homeworld with Robots


The Colonists is a strategic colonial construction game. In The Colonists, players will control a group of robots, whose mission is to place their homeworld on a newly discovered planet, preparing for the incoming residents in the future.

In The Colonists, you will slowly move into the Space age from the Stone Age. Collecting more natural resources is always important to get a good start. In the beginning, the mission of players is to shape the terrain, develop agriculture and ensure adequate food production. And then, you can start to a simple transportation system and houses as well as other infrastructures.

The Colonists has a single-player mode, a free mode, and a competitive/collabrative multi-player mode. You can conquer other players or trade with them. You can also become allies with them and develope together.

Players must learn to explore, research, manage, and adjust in order to make your homeworld a better one!

In short, The Colonists is a very interesting and relaxing game, and its rich contents will never let you down. Don’t miss it!

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