The Sims 4 Seasons – Enjoy the amazing four seasons and changing weather


Add The Sims 4 Seasons expansion pack to bring more fun to your citizens by changing the weather. From the cold and snowy days to the extremely hot days under the sun, you can experience the weather changes throughout the year: seasonal changes will affect every world in a unique way. Write a moving story in the winter through skating, make a magic scarecrow friend in the autumn harvest, share the joy of spring carnival in the spring rain, or hold a summer pool party. Gather friends and family to celebrate the holidays with traditional atmosphere, gifts and special guests. Wear new outfits to keep warm or stay calm to fight bad weather. You can even make floral artwork or become a botanist and blossom in the gardening career!

The Sims 4 Seasons Main Features

Feel the ever-changing weather. Enjoy the amazing four seasons and changing weather, and you will simulate the daily life of the citizens. From the hot summer days to the blizzards, every world has its own unique climate, and it can influence citizen choices, relationships and daily activities. Such as controlling elements to summon thunderstorms, sweep away dark clouds, or jump between seasons.

Revel in the season activities. The year-round activities allow your citizens to enjoy the seasons in a relaxed and enjoyable way. Work with friends to make snowmen, make snow angels or show cool ice skating skills on the ice rink. Put on a raincoat, feel the spring rain, and explore the wild to get the Scout badge. Wear a new swimwear for the citizens, feel the coolness of the sprinklers or splash in the children’s pool. Harvest honey in the fall, play in the leaves, or let the children to make festive decorations.

Arrange your homes to gather the citizens to celebrate the festive season and experience the warm holiday tradition. Celebrate the new year, enjoy a romantic date on Love Day, or gather a family to have a hearty harvest. Watching your citizens slowly count down and greet the “Winter Day” with expectation. They will give gifts and hang decorations on the same day. You can even create custom festivals and choose the way you simulate the citizen’s celebration.

Improve your horticulture career. Create beautiful bouquets and explore the infinite surprises. Let the citizen become a flower designer, make floral artwork and send it out in the town. A simulated citizen with scientific talent can become a botanist. They analyze plants, write academic papers, and get research funding when they are famous. Let your citizens to unlock new skills, clothing and practical items.

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