Tom Clancy’s The Division Global PTS Patch Notes: Update 1.6 and Last Stand

Tom Clancy’s The Division Global PTS Patch Notes: Update 1.6 and Last Stand


Before reading any further, remember that these patch notes aren’t final yet, and they can get updated with PTS modifications, so bear that in mind. These Patch Notes will resemble the changes between the game’s current version on the PTS and the live, 1.5 version.


Expansion 3: Last Stand
( You must own the Last Stand DLC in order to access this content.)

Last Stand game mode

  • Engage in a 8v8 PvP match where you’ll fight over SHD tech data relays that were left behind and that are packed with operational information. Rogues have their eyes on this target, so secure the data before they do.
  • You will battle on one of 4 Dark Zone maps to control three key tactical locations
  • To secure a tactical location your team needs to control three objectives inside the location, and once you secure the tactical location, your team will start earning points.
  • The victor will be the one with the max score
  • Powerful fortifications and SHD tech tactical boosts can be activated to help out your team.

New Incursion – Lost Signal

  • The new Incursion features a civilian TV Broadcast center that was taken over by the notorious Rikers gang.
  • This Incursion sends the players into three different wings to face difficult combat scenarios.
  • Unlock the final boss by completing all challenges and rewards in every wing.

Update 1.6
(This patch comes with content, changes, and bug fixes completely free to everyone.)
Dark Zone map expansion– Three new areas were added to the North of the Dark Zone that contains powerful enemies and various dangers just waiting to ruin your day.

Dark Zone Leaderboards – Participate weekly and monthly in various activities that are tracked via the Dark Zone leaderboards to earn rewards. Compete with others to see how can get the highest amount of points, and then get rewards based on a number of points that you’ve accumulated when the leaderboard resets.


All High-End Named items to become known as Exotic – This new quality also brings a new item color. These weapons have been removed from the Advanced Weaponry. Exotics Caches have been implemented into the game and they guarantee an Exotic item when you open it.


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