Tropico 5 enters beta in March, would-be despots urged to register


Whether you’re a benevolent ruler willing to sacrifice everything for your island nation or a greedy sociopath looking to get rich on the backs of the working class, Kalypso Media wants your help.

Tropico 5, the latest entry in Kalypso’s banana republic management series, enters beta testing at an as-yet-undetermined date in March. The beta test wouldn’t be very effective without players to stress the game, thus Kalypso has issued an announcement inviting interested players to visit the game’s website where they will find a simple beta registration page. “We’re looking for gamers who have a huge enthusiasm for city-building titles and with a wide experience playing within the genre,” noted Kalypso in this morning’s announcement.

More details on what you’d be getting into by joining the Tropico 5 beta test can be found at the game’s website. Unlike prior series entries, Tropico 5 sees players grooming a tropical country from the colonial era to the modern day, a change that both expands the game’s scope and offers new, historically accurate ways of grinding the proletariat masses under your megalomaniacal bootheel.

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