Tulpa mixes Limbo, Alice, occultism for two-character platforming


Tulpa is an eerie, symbolic puzzle-platformer that draws inspiration from Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, American McGee’s Alice and Limbo, with roots in occultism and theosophy. In layman’s terms, it’s a creepy game about secrets and sanity. It features two playable characters: Ophelia, who can interact with the physical world, and Oliver, who uses telekinesis to move objects.

Tulpa comes from two student developers and a musician in Larisa, Greece, working under the studio name Encryptique. The word “tulpa” translates to “conjured thing” or “thoughtform,” magical things created by thought alone.

“Oliver is Ophelia’s tulpa,” Encryptique writes. “He was created by her own mind in need for support. That cause has an effect. Ophelia needs Oliver to be close, otherwise she begins to lose her sanity, ensuing an inevitable death.”

Encryptique is looking to raise $500 on Indiegogo to finish Tulpa for PC, Mac and Linux. Specifically, the team needs two Unity Pro licenses, money for sound effects and a new laptop for the musician. Encryptique expects polishing Tulpa to take several months, though it will invite backers to beta test the game before launch. Tulpa is also on Steam Greenlight.

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