Unlocking Flying: Explorer in WoW

Unlocking Flying: Explorer in WoW


Besides demons, the new environments of WoW: Legion’s Broken Isles are absolutely filled with beautiful scenery. Now, the guys at Blizzard decided to point out some noteworthy spots and their flight paths that you may have missed, and they even gave instructions on how to get there. These places are quite hard to find on your own, but with some tips and instructions, you can explore all of them and unlock the Broken Isles Explorer achievement, or you can just enjoy the view from these places.

Highmountain: Ironhorn Enclave

Blizzard really made the road to Ironhorn Enclave is tricky, so pay attention. You have to start at Thunder Totem, go on the path that leads north, and continue walking up the hill. Take a sharp right at the top, avoid mobs, and stay on the right of the river. Then, you’ll see a wooden bridge on your left, so now you have to cross the river. Keep to the right when you cross it and take the path that leads up the hill. Be careful, it’s quite narrow at places, but keep going carefully until you get to a building and a really dangerous-looking wooden bridge stretching over a huge chasm. Cross the bridge and then go slightly down the hill to your left, and you will reach a right turn that will lead you down a rugged path that will take you to a small dwelling. When you reach water, take a left across it and go along the path upwards on the other side to reach your flight path. You discovered Ironhorn Enclave, so just relax and enjoy your flight back down.

Highmountain: Trueshot Lodge

Next up we have Trueshot Lodge, a Class Order Hall for Hunters, so expect to be teleported out of there in mere seconds if you’re not playing a Hunter.
Start from the Nesingwary flight path and take a left leading up the hill. Go up and take a left past the Pinerock Stalkers and the Soothoof Hillstriders. When you see a cave entrance in front of you, go to the right of that and continue climbing. You will see a river on your left, cross it and take the path that leads up the hill and into the Trueshot Lodge. You will get teleported right back to the Nesingwary flight path if you’re not playing a Hunter, but hey, you found their “Hunters only” place!

 Stormheim: Watchman’s Rock

To find Watchman’s Rock, you will need to head east to the top of the cliffs from the Stormtorn Foothills flight path. Go through Storm’s Reach and turn left when you come through, then keep heading to the very eastern points of the cliffs until you see a dangerous, narrow path that will lead you to the shore. Then you just need to swim and go to the right side of the island and you will discover a small island called Watchman’s Rock.

Stormheim: Shield’s Rest

Once you discover Watchman’s Rock, you just need to head to the east coast of Shield’s Rest, and you will find the flight path right on the shore. Just be careful if you plan on exploring the island, as Blizzard put a certain World Boss here to welcome any visiting players.

Val’sharah: Mistvale

Finally, we have Val’sharah: Mistvale. Start at Starsong Refuge and go along the path right that leads northwest. Take a right up the hill before the arch and you will pass through Ashamane’s Gate, just keep going straight and you will arrive in Mistvale. It’s one of the easier places to find in Legion if you know where to go.

We hope this helps you in reaching these locations and unlocking the flight paths in Legion and becoming a true explorer.


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