Why Does The Sims Endure?

Why Does The Sims Endure?


Ok, go with me on this. Video games are a way to escape real life. Right? I mean, let’s be honest here. We play video games to escape. We want to be someone else, something else, even if only for a few hours at a time. Whether we’re a trainer of monsters, a warrior battling demons, or a plumber just trying to save a princess, video games are our means of escape. And yet…there’s a game where the whole point…is to do real life…The Sims.

Now, The Sims (which now has 4 core titles and an infinite amount of expansions, check out Sims 4 for an example of that) is utterly simplistic in its point and nature. It’s a life simulator. You literally create your own person, called a Sim, then got about their lives. Now true, you start out as an adult, and thus skip a lot of parts that likely wouldn’t have made great video game gameplay, but still, you’re living out a life.

What does a Sim need? Well, it needs a nice house, which you can build yourself or get a pre-existing model. It needs to eat, it needs things to do like getting a job, hanging out with friends or family, getting a pet, having a garden, having a party!!! Etc. Etc. Etc.!

The Sims

Just talking about it sounds boring, and yet, when people play the Sims, they can’t help but continue playing it. Why? Well, it might just be about something we don’t have a lot of in our own lives. Control. In The Sims, you control a lot about your character. Now yes, you have some things that the game handles, but, you influence a lot that happens with your characters. What they do, who they interact with, what they eat, and a lot more. This is very satisfying for people. I have many friends who are addicted to The Sims and their various, and infinite, expansions. They just like having all this stuff to do, without them doing it, and having a lot of control over it.

While all this may sound crazy, consider this. The game, lifetime, all versions and expansions included, has sold about 200 million copies. 200…million! That’s insane to think about. But hey, if people play the game, they’re going to make more. And that is why The Sims endures.

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