WOW 30 Days Card – Go on Your Legends


Why is WOW So Amazing?

WOW 30 days card helps you go on your legends. But why is WOW so amazing that attracts so many players who can not leave it?

For the game itself, has interesting tasks, creative instance systems, multi-racial and multi-professional. The level is placed in a secondary position. Because it is easy to max level, you don’t need to put too much time on the boring leveling. And everyone can find fun in Warcraft, there are people who like pvp every day in the wild and pk with people, like pve to specialize in instance, have the ability to build a guild, with a group of push books, as well as leisurely running fishing every day .

More importantly, this is not a game that will cost amounts of money.
There are many people who say “it’s just a game”, but these people can’t understand that it’s not just a sense of hit or a sense of accomplishment, but an ideal parallel world. Here, there is not only the same kind of enemies who scream “the fight for the tribe” or “for the alliance”, but also have another sense of equality.
Just because you were born and died in World of Warcraft and there is no intersection in real life, you can honestly say the details of life and the details of life without the people around you. World of Warcraft is virtual, but the feelings are real, Warcraft players have had this experience, your guild, your teammates are your most strange and familiar people.

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