Bad North – A Charming But Cruel Game


The story of Bad North says that your home is under attack. The king died in the hands of the pirates of northern Europe. The young prince and the princess had no choice but to leave their homes. They must collect all the resources and rely on the loyal people to reinvigorate their homes.

Bad North is an RTS. You have to protect the small islands from a lot of Vikings. But the focus of the game makes it easier to digest than many types of games.

First of all, you can only command four units at a time. These units are professional and easy to understand. You have long-range attackers, defensive infantry and pikemen as mobile melee forces. At a glance, when the predators enter through their long boat, it is easy to see where the unit should be placed.

Even with only four units, things can still get busy, such as when many ships land at the same time. Fortunately, Bad North throws in a quasi-turn-based element, and as you order units around, the time crawls slowly, allowing you to think about the next move. During this deceleration time, you can decide whether you want to pull one of the units back to strengthen or activate special abilities.

Further pulled back, you will see the enchanting island that looks like a hand-painted, torn from the reclining bed and the walls of the breakfast – which makes the contrast violence even more bizarre and entertaining. It is undeniable that Bad North’s minimalist nature does create deep problems. The structure of the game does not allow for many changes in the way the battle is played. Special items can make things a little lax, but in general, you may start to think that things will repeat themselves in a few hours.

But given that RTS games are rarely “relaxed,” Bad North is a benefit that can be gained from building queues and actions every minute.

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