Far Cry New Dawn – Go For Extra Loots


In Far Cry New Dawn, the expedition is a series of closed-world adventures happening outside of Hope County. Completion of any of their 3 difficulty levels will provide players with rare loot that can then be used to upgrade weapons or ensure improvements in prosperity itself.

These expeditions include a Louisiana swamp. It has captured a fictional theme park, a dilapidated Navajo Bridge, scattered abandoned cars in Arizona, and the infamous Alcatraz prison on Rock Island. Players must sneak into enemy bases and steal a pack of rare loot. This is where the guns of employability come in handy. Characters like Nana can secretly kill distant enemies to clear the road. However, once the player protects the package, the enemy will be zeroed at the player’s position. This means that it will be the exit of the gun for each expedition and the player will be forced to evacuate to the extraction area to obtain the helicopter. Arriving at the exit helicopter is not the end of the expedition. An action-packed flight battle sequence occurs each time you exit, and the player gains a reward by taking the enemy out of the way. It is possible to unlock additional loot and reward players who have dealt damage at the end of the mission.

While Hope County’s post-apocalyptic look provides an interesting environment, the expedition allows Ubisoft to choose to throw the player into a completely unique place that may not be suitable in Hope County. In addition, the closed world setting allows the studio to fill each location with detail in a way that is simply not possible in an open world environment. Much like the new outpost difficulty system, the expedition will have three levels of difficulty. Increasing the difficulty will allow talented and better equipped enemies and more enemies. This encourages players to carry AI companions. This mode also supports online collaboration, so pairs of friends can help each other.

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