Kenshi – A Highly Free RPG Game


Kenshi is a highly free RPG game. Post-apocalypse world view: Fighting mainly depends on knife and stick, but players can also explore and use black technology that has not died with civilization.

Multiple camps: There is an independent diplomatic relationship between the camp and the camp, between the player and the camp, and the player-controlled character is considered an independent camp. Briefly introduce the following major national factions.

—-Holy Nation: A human state founded on the religious beliefs of Okran, located in the northern part of the mainland, extremely rejecting non-human races, especially against Skeleton, and very friendly to humans.

—-United Cities: The largest faction, a decadent empire with slavery and Trader’s Guild as its pillar, with a large territory, advanced technology and developed economy. Money is the only criterion here, and poverty and hunger can be considered crimes.

—-Shek Kindom: It is mainly composed of Shek of Shangwu, and was badly hurt after the war with Holy Nation. Look down on humans, but far less extreme than Holy Nation. The current Queen Esata is working to reverse this situation, as Shek’s traditions have often led to the death of the tribes.

Multiracial: Different races have different skill bonuses and will also affect NPC’s perceptions and dialogues with you.

Multiple roles: The game will let you choose your own origins at the beginning, some origins contain only one character, and some contain multiple. All initial characters are customizable and ethnic. In the game, players can control multiple characters at the same time to complete different tasks without a protagonist. There are two types of recruitable characters, one is a unique character with a background story, and the other is randomly appearing in the player’s adventure: for example, saving a slave may make a slave request to join you.

The role that grows with the process: the role upgrade does not depend on adding points. If you want to fight a lot, you have to let him fight more. If you want to grow vegetables, you have to make him a variety of dishes. Different parts of the character have different health values, and specific parts of the injury will result in a specific Debuff. The character will die forever, and if the broken hand is broken, it will not grow out by itself. Only the prosthetic can be purchased.

Simulated business elements: Players can develop agricultural, manufacturing and building technology trees in the game, and completely free to build their own camps and even towns.

No main line: lack of guidance in the early game, full of enthusiasm and curiosity to support the player’s exploration. But at the same time, no main line gives the player full freedom to define their role in the world.
Support creative workshops: mod can largely compensate for the lack of the game itself.

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