Left Alive – Wanzer, the world’s largest weapon.


Left Alive tells that the city on the border was suddenly attacked by neighboring countries. The soldiers of neighboring countries also carried out massacres against ordinary people other than soldiers. What caused this tragedy? The plot will be centered on the three characters that remain in the city. Active duty soldier, who is the Wanzer driver. A woman who is a police officer who has been from the army. She has been traumatized because of old things, and her scar will be revealed in the plot. Once a mercenary, he is now a prisoner who has been sentenced to death.

The game will use the level system. Players operates one of the three to make TPS-style combat. The main character will change as the level changes, or operate the Wanzer combat. The part that operates the hero is not a pure shooting game, and the bullet is limited. The three protagonists do not have the ability to make a difference. The operator who operates has the same feeling. But the action of a protagonist will have an impact on the plot of other protagonists, and the story has multiple endings.

You can pick up materials in the level to make props. The items that can be made include flame bottles, traps, and sonars for exploration. These items have weight restrictions. In other words, in addition to shooting, players can also play this game as a trap game, with a high degree of freedom and strategic.

Wanzer is the world’s largest weapon. There is almost no possibility of survival under the man-machine battle, but the game still gives players a means of confrontation. Players can capture the enemy’s Wanzer and experience the coolness of the infantry..

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