Anthem – May Bring More Surprise


Compared to other Bioware works, Anthem‘s movement and manipulation is quite natural. Although their previous action RPG operation is a bit counter-intuitive, it does not affect gameplay.

The battle part of the game is very entertaining and there are many ways to fighting. Anthem’s particle effects make the fight full of surprises. The effects of freezing, explosion, and shield are very gorgeous, but the handle is not very smooth. And the most direct manifestation of the damage caused by the player is the number of the monster, not the action of the monster. But at least with the sound performance of the firearms produced a strong sense of hit. All the mechs are able to fly. The flight experience is great, but the overall combat rhythm is a bit single. Always looking for shelter, firepower output, moving to find new bunkers, forming a game loop.

Javelin armor has a lot of custom space, players can switch colors and materials, both metal parts and cloth parts. But it seems there is no interesting weapons and props. Most of the dropped items were components that simply increased the armor or damage. It seems that Anthem is not going to let players often hit new equipment.

Anthem’s NPC has a distinct personality. The performance of all characters is natural and real.

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