One Hour One Life – Innovative Simulation Game


One Hour One Life is a very special simulation survival game where players play a primitive and strive to survive. Let’s take a look at it.

One Hour One Life, a game that plays the role of primitive and tribal members in advancing the evolution of civilization. From the initial undressed to the farming civilization of iron-smelting animal husbandry, players not only need to collect resources under the torture of hunger and beasts. To prepare key production tools, we must also feed the growth of young children and ensure the inheritance of civilization. It is like a real primitive tribe. The players all over the world are dedicated to the development of the tribe because of the common “family name”. Traces of oneself, picking up the wealth of predecessors, spreading the fire of civilization, accompanied by the aging of the characters, witnessing the growth and growth of the tribe, leaving in the children’s farewell, and ushering in the next generation of new life, like a reincarnation.

Although this life is only a short one hour, the encounter and separation are in the blink of an eye, the beauty of the process will remain forever.


+Excellent game ideas
+ high degree of freedom sandbox
+ a certain depth of thought
+One game per week
+ can support up to four people online, but the online experience is not ideal


– Synthetic tips and game difficulty that are not friendly to novices
– When you learn about all the techniques in the game, you will feel that the repeatability is too high and very boring.

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