60 Parsecs! – 60-Second Prepareation to Go Space


Game introduction

60 Parsecs! is a space-themed adventure game with Roguelike elements. The game offers hundreds of plot events, 4 non-contradictory protagonists each with their own skills, players will have 60 seconds of preparation time, then be launched In space, using resources to work hard.


Featured gameplay

Search Replenishment, resources, and bring your crew, you only have 60 seconds to complete everything, but also need to deal with the consequences of your hasty choices.
In the outer space of Suiyuan, you are accompanied by a poor crew and a small amount of soup cans in a reliable space rocket. Can you arrive at your destination?
The vast universe, the whole process follows a non-linear narrative, full of random elements, the game process is refined and full of tension, and every decision you make may affect the ultimate success or failure.


Explore your own deep space exploration journey, experience endless story events, and meet different characters.

Background setting

After the explosion of the space station, a group of astronauts who are not like astronauts have to evacuate in a hurry, trapped in the interstellar, their fate is in your hands.
It’s time to act, Captain!
Be sure to catch the rocket with your men and plenty of supplies before the nuclear bomb, the wreckage and the vacuum endanger your life. 60 seconds is enough for you to prepare for a 60 parsecs trip and drive into the unknown deep space without any plans?
The work will use staged random generation technology to tell the story of black humor, provide hundreds of plot events, and each of the four nonsense protagonists will perform their own unique skills. The production team will also add the Roguelike element to this game. The single game time is short, but it will be hard to forget every time.

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