Bad Dream: Fever – A world with a similar atmosphere during a fever


Bad Dream: Fever is the latest work of the Bad Dream series. The game still inherits the series of click-to-play games. You will go deep into this virus-contaminated world. The world is full of strange inks. The whole city is empty. Don’t be overwhelmed by the virus, don’t let the ink close to yourself, keep your head clear, and experience this sincere and complicated horror story.

Game features

A world with a similar atmosphere during a fever
Uncover creative puzzles in a special way
Exquisite location, full of inspiring game atmosphere
A real and complicated story from the author’s heart

Player Review

The game is really great, I have been waiting for it since it was announced, and every day I check my wish list to see if it is still in production. The story of the game is very good and complicated, but in the end it can put everything together. Awesome games, fun and difficult puzzles, although some are hard to think about. If you learn to think all the time, you won’t be stumped by it.

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