Kingdom Rush Origins – A Fun Casual Puzzle Game


Kingdom Rush Origins is a sequel to Kingdom Rush, a fun casual puzzle game where players need to lead their troops to fight monsters such as orcs, trolls, evil spirits, demons, etc. Come and start Kingdom Rush Origins and strengthen your team!

About Kingdom Rush Origins:

Kingdom Rush Origins is a puzzle game, Kingdom Rush’s new series. Kingdom has been threatened. Players will use their troops, magicians and warriors to defend against a large number of orcs, trolls, evil spirits and other Desperate demon. Battle scenes include forests, mountains and wilderness, and join the game’s upgraded defensive tower to strengthen your troops.

Kingdom Rush Origins game information:

The background of the game is set in a dark forest where the heroes are desperately fighting monsters such as horrible sly, dark spiders, and bears. The overall gameplay is still based on tower defense. The main building tower defense in the game is still the barracks, the arrow tower and the mage tower. The stone thrower is replaced by the “new deer giant”. Developers have created new designs for scenes, heroes, levels, monsters, and tower defense buildings.

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