Dragon Quest XI – Gain Courage and Be Brave


Dragon Quest XI is an action adventure game that is executed concurrently by Square Enix. In the game, the brave grew up in a small village, Ishi. After the age of 16, the village held a traditional adult ceremony for him. At the ceremony, he learned that he was the legendary “brave” who is supposed to save the world. In order to understand everything about the brave, the protagonist left his hometown and embarked on an adventure.

The PS4 version is developed using the Unreal 4 engine. Now, in the early demo, the picture style is closer to the DQ heroes of the previous days. But it is clear that the final product is better. Although it does not reach the level of Europe and the United States or the level that UE4 should have. But it’s also easy to be the best DQ in history, and it won’t fall behind even the next generation of JRPG.

The 3DS version is cleverly designed, the upper screen is a 3D perspective, and the lower screen is a 2D viewing angle. It is equal to playing this game in two forms at the same time. This is really different from many 3DS games that used to use the lower screen to find information.

And the 3DS version is closer to the traditional DQ feeling, I believe many players, especially the old players, are more willing to choose the 3DS version.

It can also be seen from the demonstration of the conference that the completion of 3DS is significantly higher. This may be because development is simpler, and secondly, it may be because 3DS is the dominant development.
Dragon Quest XI PC version will be released on Sep 4, 2018.

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